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Meet The Team

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kimberly-pictureKimberly Vaughn Stout

“I love chiropractic because it aids in improving my health and overall lifestyle without adding medications. Both my girls LOVE getting adjusted, and one even wants to be a chiropractor when she grows up!”

michelle-pictureMichelle Raimato
Chiropractic Assistant, Front Desk

“I love the all-natural healing it provides me so that I can still keep doing all the things that I want to do!”

kristi-pictureKristi Perrett
Chiropractic Assistant

“Learning how my body should be feeling and quickly being able to recognize when it’s not functioning at it’s highest ability has been one of the greatest chiropractic benefits for me. The doctors at Fitchett are genuinely interested in every patient. Whether I’ve been doing CrossFit, kickboxing, or working out at the Y, I can trust the doctors at Fitchett Chiropractic to put me back together again!”

melissa-pictureMelissa Peery
Chiropractic Assistant

“Chiropractic helps me get well and STAY well, without meds. I had an issue for years my MD told me to live with, within a few adjustments it was gone!”

Jasmine StoneJasmine Stone

More information coming soon!

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Fitchett Chiropractic Center
Kennett Phone: (610) 444-2878
West Grove Phone: (610) 869-3222